Great piece by my friend Daniel Scharpenburg over at Morning Sky

Morning Sky Zen

I’m a true believer.

I think our true nature exists under layers of delusion. Because it’s our true nature to be enlightened, we can find it.

This is what, I think, a serious study of Chan Buddhism, which in the west we usually refer to as “Chinese Zen” can bring to us. A Buddhism that is exciting and positive, rather than one that is dry and philosophical. A Buddhism based on actions rather than speculation.

Because let’s face it, sometimes Buddhism is boring.

Chan is not. It offers up the opportunity to dwell in enlightenment right now, not at some future time or in some future life. Enlightenment is there. Grab it.

Huineng, the sixth Zen Patriarch, was an illiterate woodcutter. He heard someone reciting a text called the Diamond Sutra and he suddenly entered the stream. After that, he found a Chan teacher and started cultivating the…

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