Why Does This Blog Exist Anyway?

That’s a great question, John.

When I started this last year, I had a far different intention than I do now. It was so different than I don’t even remember what it was.

My current intentions are 1) to share and 2) to build something

You’ll see a lot of Buddhist shit on this blog, but that’s just because I’m a Buddhist, it isn’t an explicitly Buddhist blog. It’s John’s Mindspace, so whatever occupies that space gets flung here. It just turns out that Buddhism occupies a great deal of that space.

One thing you’ll notice about me is that I’m always building things: songs, poems, new ideas, new worldviews. Since I’m constantly building something, there’s nothing set in stone. I always reserve the right to change my mind.

That’s because in order to perpetually create new things, you have to be perpetually learning new things. And learning, at least to me, has always been the hallmark of revolution.

And I do strive for revolution. I’m always revolting against my own pre-established notions by either building on them or just forgetting them as time goes on.

So this blog will always be a work-in-progress because that’s precisely what I am as well.

This blog is also about trying to generate new ideas for other avenues as well. One of my main goals is to eventually establish a brick and mortar Mahayana Sangha, though a secular Sangha.

Secular Buddhism is utterly devoid of all things Mahayana at the moment. There’s no Zen, no Huayan, Yogacara, Madhyamaka, or Tiantai. No Bodhidharma, Vasubandhu, Huineng, Ikkyu or Dogen. There are no strong, inspiring secular Mahayanin voices either.

Just the Pali Canon, and some fantastic teachers in the Vipassana Movement. Where’s the Sanskrit Canon? Where’s the Shikantaza Movement?

Western Mahayana Buddhists have two options: join an Asian-derived lineage, or practice alone with maybe a few close friends. There’s no community support. So, that’s my other passion behind this blog: me spit balling for such a movement.

So there is a method beneath the madness around here. Er, rather, the madness is the method. Anyway, I’m extremely grateful for everyone who peruses this blog and the donors who have helped to keep it going. Seriously, you’re awesome and I’m putting together a gift basket of some kind for you all.



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