Open Eyes

One of our ancient cats is nearing the end. She’s starting to frail—losing weight and having digestive issues. She’s also totally blind, but that’s nothing new. She used to get around pretty good, but she gets turned around a lot these days. When she’s in an open space—without anything to bump into for direction—she starts […]

The Heart Sutra: New Translation & Commentary

The Great Wisdom of the Heart-Mind Sutra The Bodhisattva Guanyin Was traveling freely and deeply through Prajna Paramita,Illuminating the Five Aggregates, each was seen as empty,And Guanyin was ferried across the sea of duality, suffering, and hardship.O Shariptura, Appearance is not different from emptiness, Emptiness is not different from appearance; At present, appearance is emptiness,At […]

Attention is A Lifesaver… And A Fuckhead

There’s nothing wrong with contemplating the future. In fact, it’s a necessary hazard of living in our culture. But there’s contemplating and planning for the future, and then there’s getting lost in thoughts about the future. There’s a fine line between the two, and it’s easy to slip off of it into total fucking madness.