A New Day

It can take quite awhile for a heart to mend. I’m speaking figuratively, but it’s literally true too. The Buddha told us that heartbreak is a symptom of clinging, craving, and—ultimately—ignorance of our True Nature. But that’s all cold comfort when you’re in the thick of it. You can’t be rational with the heart. The […]

When Friends Become Strangers

It’s strange that people who used to know each other so well can become total strangers. That’s weird, isn’t it? We spend hours and hours together, making each other laugh, drying each other’s tears, sharing the burden of boredom and waiting. Finding meaning together, letting go of trivialities together. And then, well, we’re not together […]

Balancing the Scales: Guanyin, Meditation, & Bipolar Disorder

Sometimes, I forget that I have bipolar disorder. Sometimes the shifts and swings are so gradual and nuanced, so smoothed out by practice that I don’t even notice them. Other times, well, they’re front and center. They rampage, they grip me like a vice. Monday night was great. I was up, I felt so energized […]